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Summarizing/listing form responses
Summarizing/listing form responses

How can I get an aggregated summary of the form's responses? How can I list the answers one by one?

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To see all the answers to your form or to access its report, go to Forms > Form List from the left menu and click on the form. Alternatively, click the Transactions button on the right and select Summary.

On the summary page that opens, you will be able to see the total number of answers, your total income, the number of pending and rejected answers. If you click on the questions, you can see the summaries of the answers to the questions (written answers, percentages in the elective questions, etc.).

If you click on the Answer Details section above, you will be directed to the section with all the answers.

You can search among the answers from the upper left section and filter by answer status.

In the list on the left you will see icons for the names and status of the respondents. On the right, you will be able to see the answer details and the actions you can take about the answer.

The selected answer will have a green background. Hourglass means pending approval, forbidden sign rejected, exclamation point payment failed, double sided arrow returned.

You can switch between pages from the section below, or you can download all the answers to excel by clicking the Download Excel button.

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