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What are the forms? What do they do?
What are the forms? What do they do?

What is the form? How can I use forms for my institution?

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What are the forms?

Forms are a feature of Fonzip where you can only ask the people / institutions registered in the system or ask any question you want and collect answers, and you can also receive payments according to the situation.

Where can I use it?

  • You can create a member registration form for your association and apply from this form

  • You can use it if you need to collect private information from people before an event

  • You can organize a survey

What features are available in the forms?

  • You can make the question answers optional or mandatory.

  • You can ensure that the people who fill out your form are approved before they fall into your system (Admin approval).

  • You can set the form responses as a member registration form and adjust the reflection of the payments made, if any, on the profile of the person / institution.

  • You can ensure that only people with a certain tag in the system fill out.

  • You can receive payment optionally.

  • You can make the payment amount fixed or optional or variable depending on the answer to a given question.

  • You can ask another question based on a particular answer to a particular question.

  • You can ensure that a label you specify is automatically assigned to people who fill out the form.

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