Creating a form

How can I create a form? What kind of settings can I make? How can I ask questions?

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Where can I create a form?

From the left navigation menu, go to Forms > Form List and press the Create Form button above.

Creating a new form

Form settings

In this section, you can enter the title of the form and make other settings.

  • Member Registration Form switch allows incoming payments to be reflected in the person profile

  • The Registered Persons Can Fill out switch ensures that the form is filled only by persons registered in your system and with a certain label.

  • You can automatically assign a label to those who fill out the form from the Label to Assign setting.

  • By turning on the Admin Approval switch, you can have the form responses fall into your approval. In this way, the person who fills out every form will not be registered in your person&institution list.

  • You can write information about the form in the description section.

Automatic E-Mail & SMS Sending

From this section, you can select the e-mail template and SMS template to be sent to the person who filled out the form.


Name, surname and e-mail sections are required in Fonzip forms. The next questions are entirely up to your imagination. Click + Add New Question to add a new question, if you want to add an explanation between the questions, click the Add Comment button.

Adding a Question

You can add 3 types of questions.

  • static question

  • information area

  • Private question

What are static questions?

You must select this question type for the fields defined in the system. These areas are;

  • Telephone

  • TC Identification number

  • District

  • Province

  • Address

  • Post code

  • Date of birth

  • Nationality

What are knowledge domain questions?

If you want to be asked about the fields you defined in the Persons & Institutions > Information Fields section, you must select this question type. The answers to these questions are automatically reflected in the person's profile information.

What are specific questions?

Special questions are the questions that are specific to the form, but whose answers are only recorded in the form response and are not reflected in the system. There are 4 types of specific questions.

  • Multiple selection box

  • Multiple choice

  • Yes No

  • Writing

Multi-select box: Questions with multiple choices and multiple selections

Multiple choice: Questions with multiple choices but only one choice

Yes/No: Questions with either positive or negative answers

Text: Questions to be answered in writing

Specify your question and click Save Question.

Make mandatory/Optional question / Edit/delete added question

If you want to make the question you have added mandatory, you can turn on the switch next to the question. If you want it to be optional, turn the switch off.

If you want to edit the question, click the edit icon on the right side of the question.

If you want to delete the question, click the trash can icon on the right side of the question.

Adjusting the order of questions

You can determine the order of the question by clicking the up/down arrow icons to the right of the question you want to order.

Showing a question based on an answer to another question

If you have more than one question while adding/editing a question, the Optional Question section will open. If you select this field, your multiple choice questions will be listed in the question to be answered section. After choosing your question, select the answer to be given and save it.

Receive payment in the form

If you want to receive payment in the form, simply turn on the Payment Receipt Status switch.

Select the payment system you want payments to go through in the Payment System setting

In the Payment Amount section, you can determine the amount of payment you will receive from the people who fill out the form.

Response-based payment receipt

If you turn on the answer-based checkout switch, receiving payouts will only open based on the answer to a mandatory multiple-choice question.

In the example below, payment will be taken only if the 24th of November is answered. Otherwise, no payment will be taken.

Variable payment amount

If you turn on the variable payment amount switch, the payment amount changes depending on the answer to the multiple-choice question instead of being a fixed amount.

In the example below, you can see how the amount of payment is adjusted according to the answers given to the question "Your main dish preference".

After your settings are finished, click the Save button at the bottom and come to the form list section.

Turn on the Active switch to activate the form. If you want the form to appear in the top menu on your pages, turn on the Display Top Menu switch.

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