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How do I reach participants or ticket buyers? Which operations can I do?

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Click the Events > Events menu on the left to list and report attendees to the events you have created.

First, you will come to the Statistics section. In this section, you can report how much and which ticket of the event was sold and how much income you had in a certain date range.

You can see the individual ticket purchases in the Ticket Sales section. If you wish, you can download the ticket sales to excel by clicking the Excel to Excel button on the right.

From the Operations button to the right of ticket sales ;

  • You can view tickets

  • You can edit

  • You can make refund

  • You can delete

  • You can go to the profile of the person / company that bought the ticket.

In the Refunds section, you can see the ticket refunds you have made, and in the Failed Transactions section, you can see the transactions that have received errors when paying by card.

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