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Adding Ticket Sales / Event Participants

How can I add ticket sales or event attendees from the system?

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How can I add it?

Go to Events > Events in the menu on the left and list the events.

Click the Operations button on the right of the event where you will add participants and select Add Participant.

Alternatively, if you choose Participant List, you will come to the section where there are special ticket sales for the event. If you click the Add Ticket Sale button on the top, you will be directed to the relevant event add participant page.

Adding participants

You can enter the information of the person who bought the ticket on the screen that appears. If there is someone matching in the system, their information will be automatically returned.

Choose tickets to buy. If there is a paid ticket purchase, the system will show you the payment information.

If there is a payment, enter the payment information. If there is no payment, enter the transaction date.

If you have made all your checks, finally click on the Add Ticket Sale button.

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