Introduction to Events

What are the events? How does it work? How can I organize my events?

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What are Events? What Can I Do?

You can organize all of your institution's paid or free events, in a location or online, from Fonzip. In the Fonzip event system you can;

  • Send event invitations to your contacts in the system

  • Sell paid / free tickets

  • Put quotas for tickets

  • Sell special discounted tickets to members

  • Sell discounted tickets for a certain period

  • Check tickets at the door

  • Share your event on social media

How can I organize it?

From the Events menu on the left menu, go to the Events list and click Create Event to create your event.

Where will my events appear?

You can access your event page as*youraccountname*/events or if you use custom domain https://*yourcustomdomain*/events. You can list all your past and upcoming events on your page. All your active events will appear on this page.

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