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How can I create an event? What kind of events can I create? How can I sell tickets?

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How can I create an event?

Go to Events > Events in the left menu. On the page that opens, click the Create Event button at the top, and go to the event creation page.

What kind of events can I create?

You can create 2 types of events, taking place at the venue and online.

Events taking place at the venue

For the events taking place at the venue, you must enter the place / venue and address information. This information will be shown to the people attending your event both on the event page and within the ticket.

Online events

In online events, you only need to share your address on the platforms where the event will take place, such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Youtube, etc. This information will be shared only to those attending the event.

Event Information

Enter a description for your event and upload the image. Then set the date of your event. The date of the event should be later than today.

Sending Reminder Automatically

If you turn on the automatic reminder sending switch, a reminder e-mail will be sent to those who bought tickets one day before the event.

The tickets have a fee, how can I sell paid tickets?

Open the Paid Event switch and select the Payment System you want payments to be received. If the payment system you have chosen belongs to your commercial enterprise, the transactions will be invoiced to your commercial enterprise.

What kind of ticket categories can I create?

Free Tickets

If you choose free as the ticket type, the ticket will be free.

If you choose paid as the ticket type, the ticket will be paid. You can define the ticket fee in the fee section.

Quota / Limited number of tickets

If your event ticket has a certain quota, you can enter this quota from the Quota section. If there is no participation limit, you can leave it blank.

What are the advanced settings on tickets?

You can make many additional settings for your ticket in the advanced settings section.

  • You can write a statement about the ticket in the description section.

  • By setting the start and end date of the sale, you can ensure that it is only available for a certain period.

  • You can send a special message about the ticket to the person who bought the ticket in the after-sales information message section. This message will only be sent to the people who bought the ticket.

  • With the maximum number of tickets that can be bought per person, you can limit the maximum number of tickets a person can buy.

  • By turning on the tag-specific ticket feature, you can ensure that only people with a certain tag can buy the ticket.

  • By turning on the option to receive non-debt members, you can prevent people with debt balance from buying tickets.


You can create a ticket under the name of early period by taking the start and end of the sale a certain period before the event.

You can ensure that only members without debt can buy the relevant ticket by opening the special ticket for the non-debt member. You can create 2 separate categories and set a separate price for your member and a separate price for non-members.

Add / edit / delete multiple ticket categories

After registering your first ticket, you can add a new ticket by clicking the Add Ticket button below.

If you want to edit, click the edit icon to the right of the ticket.

If you want to delete the ticket category, click on the trash can icon to the right of the ticket.

You can save the event by clicking Save.

When you activate the event, the event will start to appear on your events page.

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