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How are the events I have created displayed?

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What is Event Page?

The event page is your page that allows the events you add to the system to be viewed directly by end users and if they wish, they can participate by purchasing tickets. Each institution is presented with its own activity page automatically.

Your institution's event page address

You can access your event page as https://fonzip.com/*institutionsname*/events or if you use private domain name https: //*yourprivateaddress*/events

When you go to your address, you will reach an interface like the one below that end users see. Users can go to the event detail page by clicking the Details button about the event they want to get information from.

In the Upcoming Events section, you can see the events listed according to the event whose start date is farthest from the nearest event. Past events can be viewed in the Past Events section. An event can be searched for in the Search Event box on the right.

Event detail page

On this page, all the details about your event can be seen as follows.

By clicking the Add to Calendar button, people can add the event to their calendar.

The event can be shared on social media using the Share Buttons.

If you are doing an online event, the event address is not shared.

If the required amount of tickets is selected from the ticket categories section below and the Buy Tickets button is clicked, the person is directed to the payment page.

Payment Page

At the top of the page, the event information, ticket type and amount to be purchased are shown.

After entering the person information and the payment information if you want to buy a paid ticket, it completes the transaction by clicking Buy and the ticket is sent to the end user.

The person completes the transaction by entering his / her information and the ticket is sent to the end user.

If purchasing a special ticket specific to the label / no debt, the e-mail or mobile phone information entered must match the data of the person on your system.

What does the successful transaction page look like?

On the successful transaction page, information about the event, reference number related to the transaction, links to the tickets, add to their calendar and share on social media are presented.

If a ticket is purchased for an online event, the link of the online event is shared. If it is an event taking place at the venue, location information is shared.

QR Code Tickets

If a ticket has been purchased for an event at the venue, the person can access the QR code ticket by clicking the Show Tickets button. These tickets can also be accessed from the successful transaction email sent to the person.

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