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Add / Edit System Administrator (Admin)

This article explains how to edit system administrators.

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Defining Administrator Authority

You can edit the users who can operate with administrative authority in Fonzip from the Settings / Organization Settings / Administrators menu.

You can give this authorization to a person registered in Fonzip, or you can register a person for the first time by granting system administrator authority from this menu.

With this process, the system automatically sends an e-mail to the person, where he can log into the system with the administrator authority.

Administrator Login to Fonzip Account

The person can log into the account as an administrator using the secure link in the e-mail. If the user is logging into Fonzip account for the first time or has not created the password for the next login, the system will automatically open the relevant screen to create the user password.

Later, the user can login from the Fonzip page of the NGO (Example: https: // ) either with the password he / she has specified or by using the passwordless login option via e-mail.

Important Reminder

Reminding that all responsibility arising from the operations of persons to be authorized as administrators belongs to the institution, we recommend that this authority be given only to the necessary persons. We would like to remind you that this authorization should be removed from this menu when the relationship of the persons with your institution is finished.

System Administrator Authority Limits

The person with system administrator authority can access and make changes to all data except mass deleting the contact list and using the data reset menu. Collective contact deletion and data reset authority can only be used by the Account Owner authorized user.

The number of System Administrators you can define for your account may be limited depending on the Fonzip package you use.

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