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What information you can update, password actions, notifications, etc. operations

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In Fonzip, every manager has a profile like a regular member. You can access your profile as an administrator from the Account > * Your Name and Surname * section at the top right.

Your Personal Information

When you enter your profile, you can access all your personal information from the Information section on the right.

You can edit the titles, fields and their order in this section from the Users & Companies > User Defined Fields section on the left menu.

To update your data, simply click on the relevant data and make the change. When your changes are saved, a notification "Changes have been saved" will be displayed at the top right. If there is an error, you can see it again in this section.

Privacy & Settings

In Privacy & Setting section you can;

  • Add / edit / delete registered card

  • Change communication settings

  • Edit visibility in address book

  • View systemic records about your profile


You can specify which e-mail notifications you will receive from the system in the Notifications section on the far right.

Notifications you can receive from the system:

  • Weekly report (Weekly transaction report)

  • Changes in Fonzip membership (Membership purchase / cancellation etc.)

  • Invoice notifications (Invoice ready, payment notification)

  • Data deletion requests

  • Regular donation cancellation requests

  • Errors in recurring donation transactions

  • User campaign approvals

  • Pending certificates

  • Open dues payment (dues payment for payments that cannot match persons)

  • Form responses pending approval

  • Calendar note reminders

Password Operations

When you first enter Fonzip, if you don't have a password, the system will pop up an interface for you to create a password.

If you want to change your password; You can change it by clicking Change Password from the Operations menu on the left in your profile.

If you have forgotten your password, enter your e-mail address on your Fonzip page in the form of your username ** (Example: for Children with Cancer Foundation) and enter "Forgot Password" Click on the text.

Open the password reset mail sent to your e-mail address and follow the directions.

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