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Application Documents and Information

This article lists the information and documents that must be submitted during the online application.

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First of all, the documents to be uploaded and the information to be provided may differ depending on the type of institution. All documents, if possible, should be uploaded in PDF format.

Required information and why is it needed?

  • Legal name and status of the institution

  • Institution contact information

  • Tax office and tax identification number of the institution (For Turkey)

  • Activity document of the institution (activity document with QR code from DERBİS for associations) (For Turkey)

With the help of this information and documents, it is checked whether the activities of the applicant institution are legal and active.

  • Identity data of the applicant (individual)

  • Applicant contact information

  • Certificate of activity or signed circular confirming the applicant's authority to represent the institution concerned

An application filed on behalf of the institution that is deemed to be legal and valid will verify this information and documents and verify the applicant's authority to make this application on behalf of the institution. This verification prevents anyone not affiliated with the institution from opening an account in bad faith on behalf of the institution.

Why is this information and documentation required in the first place?

When you start using Fonzip, you will receive a trial package with no flat fee, but this is not a membership type demo account. In other words, payments or personal information can be collected from people immediately after opening your Fonzip account, so this information and documents must be provided before opening an account.

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