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Administrator Roles

How can I arrange the authorizations of the people given administrator authority? How can I restrict it from performing certain operations?

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What are Administrator Roles?

Administrator roles determine the authorizations that the people you add as system administrators can and cannot do.

What Are the Default Admin Roles?

The person who registers on Fonzip on behalf of the institution has the authority of the Account Owner and is authorized to perform every transaction in the system. Once your account is approved, 2 default admin roles are defined for your Fonzip account.

  • Manager

  • Viewing

The administrator role can perform any action on the system. The Viewing role can view all the information in the system.

How Do I Add / Edit Roles?

When you go to Settings > Organization Settings > Administrators in our menu on the left, you can go to the list of roles by pressing the Role List button above.

You can see all the manager roles on the screen that will appear.

To add a new role;

Click the Add Administrator button at the top left.

To regulate the powers of the role;

Click on the role name, or after opening the menu from the Actions button on the right, click the Edit Role button.

To delete the role;

After opening the menu from the Actions button on the right, click the Remove Administrator button and confirm the dialogue that will appear.

Note: If the role you want to delete belongs to an administrator, the role will not be deleted.

In which situations are E-Mail notification made?

  • If a person is given administrative authority

  • If the person's administrative authority is taken away

  • If account ownership is changed

Which Authorities Can I Grant / Limit to System Administrators?

Users & Companies

  • Can edit contacts

  • Have access to notes and calendars

  • Can add and edit notes

  • Can edit tags

  • Can edit the information fields


  • Have access to donations

  • Can add and edit donations

  • Can edit donation pages

  • Can access user campaigns

  • Can approve and edit user campaigns

  • Can edit donation forms

  • Can organize donation categories

Debts & Dues

  • Have access to debt and collections

  • Can add and edit debt and collections

  • Can edit the dues page settings


  • Have access to events

  • Can add and edit events

  • Have access to ticket sales

  • Can add and edit ticket sales


  • Can add and edit E-Cards

  • Access to E-Card transactions

  • Can organize your e-card transactions


  • Can add and edit forms

  • Have access to form answers

  • Can approve and edit form responses

E-Mail & SMS

  • Can organize your mailing lists

  • Can edit your email provider settings

  • Can edit the SMS provider settings

  • Can edit templates

  • Can arrange automatic submissions


  • Can edit organization information

  • Can organize payment systems

  • Can edit the subscription plan and payment preferences

  • Have access to invoices

  • Can edit system administrators and roles

  • Can edit legal texts and contracts

  • Can edit your Analytics information

  • Can edit the language, time zone and menu

  • Have access to system logs

  • May the data reset

API & Applications

  • Access to 3rd party applications

  • Access API information

  • Have access to Web Triggers

  • Can export data to Excel

How Can I Change Authorization?

You can change the status of authorizations by clicking the switches on the right in the authorization editing page.

How can I change the role I assigned to the administrator?

Click the Actions button on the right of the screen where system administrators are listed and click Edit Role in the menu that opens. Then select the role on the screen that appears and press Confirm.

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