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Using Custom Domains in Fonzip
Using Custom Domains in Fonzip

How do I use Fonzip with my domain?

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What is a Custom Domain?

With Fonzip's account name, you can use the platform with your own domain name. So for example, if your account name is kacuv, your Fonzip pages will start as But you can use Fonzip with a subdomain redirect like using the custom domain.

You must have a Pro membership to use this feature.

Define your custom domain name

Go to Settings > Advanced > Custom Domain and write the domain name you want to make clothes without a protocol. For Example;



Then press the Save buttons and admin.

DNS Configuration

It will set up 3 DNS settings: forwarding (CNAME:, domain validation and hardening checking (TXT). Add these settings to your domain's DNS settings. Note: If you click on the configurations, the values will be copied automatically.

After making the setting, wait a moment to confirm. Refresh your page after waiting. If both verifications are enabled, your domain name will be forwarded automatically.

Google reCAPTCHA Integration

You must integrate Google reCAPTCHA with Fonzip for custom domains to work. For more details, click here.

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