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Google reCAPTCHA integration for your Custom Domain
Google reCAPTCHA integration for your Custom Domain

How do I integrate Google reCAPTCHA to pages in our custom domain?

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What is Google reCAPTCHA?

reCAPTCHA is a free service that protects your payment/forms on Fonzip from spam and bots. reCAPTCHA was developed by Google to block malicious automated bots. You can get detailed information from

Creating a reCAPTCHA

Go to and login. After logging in, if you have not created a captcha before, a site registration form will appear.

If you have created reCAPTCHA before, click the + (Create) button on the right to add a new record.

  • In the form that appears, you can write whatever you want as a label (for example Fonzip).

  • Select reCAPTCHA s3 as the reCAPTCHA type.

  • In the domain names section, you must write the custom domain name you use in Fonzip.

Accept the terms and press Submit.

You will see 2 keys, Site key and Private key. Copy these keys aside. Now it's time to add these keys to Fonzip.

Adding the generated reCAPTCHA code to Fonzip

From the left menu, go to Settings > Advanced > Security and type the Site and Security keys you copied earlier against the relevant fields in this section.

Wonderful! Pages served under your custom domain are now protected against spam and bots!

When you log in to the page hosted in your custom domain name, you will see the Google reCAPTCHA logo at the top right of your page. If you can't see it / you get an error, please check the steps you took.

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