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Adding / removing E-Cards to the E-Card page
Adding / removing E-Cards to the E-Card page

How can I add / remove the e-cards that I created to the e-card page?

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All e-cards you create can be automatically included in the thank you e-mails. However, if you want it to be listed on your e-card page, you must turn on the Available in E-Card Page switch from the E-Card Page Settings section when adding the relevant e-card.

Go to the page to create or edit an E-Card. You will see the E-Card Page Settings section at the bottom.

When you open the switch, you will see the settings related to the e-card page.

In the Fixed Sale / Donation Amount section, you can set the transaction amount to be fixed or the user will determine. If you open the switch, only the amount you set will be processed.

You can determine the minimum amount you want to be paid from the Minimum Sale / Donation Amount section.

You can set the default prices on the e-card purchasing page from the Default Amounts section.

If you turn on the Delivery of Printed E-Card by Cargo section, people who make e-card transactions will also be offered a printed delivery option as delivery. If printed delivery is selected, you will be notified by the system by e-mail and push notification if the waiting e-card option is turned on in the notification settings from your administrators.

In the Payment System section, you can specify which payment system you want payments to be made through.

You can specify the text of the e-mail that will be sent to the users after the successful transaction in the Mail to Donor and Mail to Recipient sections.

Click the Save button after making the changes.

Listing on E-Card Page

You will see the e-card you have added / edited in the E-Cards > E-Card Page section. If you open the switch from the Active section, it will be listed on your e-card page.

Removing from E-Card Page

From the E-Card Page Settings

Click the Operations button to the right of the e-card you want to remove from the page and select Remove from Page. Just confirm the confirmation dialogue that appears.

Note: The e-card will not be deleted. It will only be removed from the page.

From the E-Card Editing Page

It will also be sufficient to turn off the Available in E-Card Page switch on the e-card editing page.

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