What is the E-Card page?

What is the E-Card page? What does it do?

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E-Card page is your page that allows the e-cards you add to the system to be directly received by end users (institutions, donors, etc.). Each institution is presented with its own e-card page automatically.

Your institution's e-card address

You can access your e-card page in the form of https://fonzip.com/*institutionsname*/e-cards or if you use a private address, https: //*yourprivateaddress*/ e-cards.

When you go to your address, you will reach an interface like the one seen by end users. Users can get the relevant e-card by clicking the Select the certificate button they want to get.

When the relevant card is selected, a form related to the e-card is shown to the user. In this form, the user determines the amount of transactions to be made and the way they want to receive the e-card.

If there is a second name on the e-card, the information of the person whose e-card will be issued (Recipient's Information) will be asked.

If printed delivery is selected, you will be prompted for delivery details.

After the form is filled, the user will be directed for payment. When the payment is over, it will be sent to the user and to the person whose e-card was issued, if any.

If there is a printed delivery, an e-card notification will be sent to the system admins with an e-mail and push.

You can follow the transactions made from the E-Card Transactions menu.

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