Sorting E-Cards

How do I set the order in which the e-cards appear?

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Where can I make the sorting?

Go to E-Cards > E-Card Page from the menu on the left. On this page, you can list all the e-cards that appear on your e-card page.

How can I sort?

Click the Operations button next to the e-card whose order you want to edit. In the menu that opens, select the destination you want to move.

  • Move to Top: The e-card is brought to the top.

  • Move to Bottom: The e-card is brought to the top.

  • Move Up: The E-Card is brought up one rank.

  • Move Down: The E-Card is brought down one rank.

  • Add to Featured: The e-Card is added to the featured.

What are the featured e-cards?

The featured section ensures that the e-cards you choose are listed in a separate section at the top, regardless of the normal e-card order.

For example, if New Year's Eve is coming, you can add your e-cards related to New Year's Eve to the featured. This will make your New Yeard cards appear separately at the top.

How do I add the e-card to the featured?

Just click Add To Featured from the Operations menu on the right. The e-card you highlighted will look like the following. In the list in the e-card page section, you can see an asterisk instead of the number in the order section.

How can I remove the e-card from the highlights?

Just select Remove from Featured from the Operations button on the right.

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