Creating an E-Card

How can I create an E-Card?

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Where can I create an E-Card?

To go to the E-Card creation page, go to the E-Cards > E-Cards section from the menu on the left and click the Create E-Card button on the top.

Uploading an E-Card Image

On the page that appears, you will see a button where you can upload the E-Card name, type (addressed to the donor or does the donor give it to someone else?) and image. As a first step, enter this information and upload your image by clicking the Upload E-Card Image button.

Attention! E-Card format must be jpg or png, width 960 pixels.

Adjusting Font Characteristics and Position

When you upload the image, you will see the type, size, colour etc. of the text. The section where you can set the properties will appear. After setting the text characteristics, you can determine where the text will appear on the image by clicking the Set Location button below.

When you click on Set Location, an interface will appear on the image with your name and surname, where you can pull the edges and adjust the height, click on it and adjust its location, or create a new square from the blackened sections.

After adjusting the position of the text, press the Save Location button above.

Set the post position of the donee on behalf

If you have selected two named types as the e-card type, you will see another place to set the font characteristics and position of the person donated on behalf of someone. Again, click on the Set Location button to determine where this person's name will come from.

Locate the person to be donated and click the Save Location button.

You can click the Preview button and see the final version of the certificate.

If all your changes are complete, you can save your e-card by clicking the Save button.

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