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API Key Generation

Go to Settings > Advanced > Fonzip API section from our left navigation menu. To generate an API key, click the Create an API Key button at the top and set a name for your API Key, specify which data this key can access, then save.

When your API Key is created, your Client ID and Client Secret parameters will be shared. Save this information somewhere, because you won't be able to access these keys again.

I Lost My API Keys, How Can I Find It?

Unfortunately, the keys are only shown once for security reasons. You can create a new API Key by clicking the Operations > Renew API Key button on the right side of the relevant key in the API Keys list.

How can I access the API Documentation?

You can find the details of our API set, with more and more features added every day, from the link below.

What is the Security Protocol Used for Accessing APIs?

Fonzip uses an industry standard, OAuth2. You need to get an Access Token with your Client ID and Client Secret information. This Access Token is valid for 1 hour. You must specify the Access Token you receive as Authorization: Bearer <Token> in the Header information you send when making the request.

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