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What is Fonzip Pro? What Is The Difference From Standard Membership?

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Fonzip Pro enables organizations to receive donations with Fonzip's secure technology and transfer donation and donor information to Fonzip's CRM system with their own web page designs instead of Fonzip's ready donation pages.

In this way, institutions can arrange the questions asked in the payment form and the automatic thank you SMS / E-mails for donations without making any software changes via Fonzip.

Donation Form usage examples included only in the Pro package:

  • For this method of use, the institution should update the software on the website with its own resources and add an SSL certificate to its pages. You can browse this help document for donation form integration.

Ready Donation Page sample included in all packages:

Customizable Domain Name: (Domain Name Forwarding)

Thanks to this new feature that can be used by all organizations with Fonzip Pro account, you can use all the features of Fonzip under your own organization's domain name. For example;

You can check out this article to do domain name forwarding.

Fonzip Pro Pricing

You can check pricing details here.

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