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This article explains how to use email sends and other email service providers.

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For the general communication needs of our institution, Fonzip has an e-mail sending system that is extremely easy to use and directly connected to your Fonzip CRM system. You can perform customizable bulk emails or personalized auto-sends using Fonzip only. (Like a birthday greeting or a reminder of dues)

3rd Party Email Service Providers

You can use Fonzip for all your e-mails, as well as integrate other international and domestic e-mail service providers into Fonzip.

For example: If you use MailChimp for sending email. You can connect your MailChimp account to your Fonzip account from the E-mail / Settings section on the left menu. In this way, you can automatically synchronize the mailing lists you create by filtering your contacts in Fonzip with your e-mail service provider.

Creating a Post List

From the People & Institutions tab, you can segment all your contacts in the Fonzip database using various filters. (For example, with a few filters you can apply, you can filter your female members who owe more than 100 TL, live in Ankara, have blood type A Rh+ and are architects. You can then use Tags to quickly access these people. You can add them to a mailing list, which will automatically update other email service providers linked to your Fonzip account.

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