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SMS notification packages and bulk SMS sending

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With Fonzip, you can effortlessly send bulk and personalized SMS to your contacts for various scenarios. The SMS that can be sent are basically divided into two.

1- SMS Reminders: You can send personal subscription debt reminder SMS, including a secure payment link, to your members, or collective reminder SMS that will allow members to update their personal information.

2- Sending General Bulk SMS to Persons: You can set the automatic sending of SMS's, such as holiday greetings, personalized birthday celebrations, general assembly announcements, and death news, by using the Fonzip CRM system, in bulk and within certain rules.

For all SMS sending, an SMS sending header defined to the legal entity of the institution from a telecom company with Fonzip integration must be defined. Again, the credits received from this company are used to effortlessly send SMS to the people you manage from the Fonzip panel.

Companies with which we have integration:

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