Transfer Debts From Excel

How are Debts transferred from Excel?

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Fonzip allows the transfer of due debts data stored in Excel files in bulk. This feature will make your work a lot easier when you have many people with different debt / credit balances. What you need to do is;

(Note: This feature should not be used to add the same amount of debt to all people.)

  1. Clicking on Payments&Debtors from the Collection&Debt menu and clicking the Import Debts From Excel button at the top,

  2. It is important that the Excel file to be uploaded is in a clean format.

  3. The file is uploaded by determining whether the record will be skipped (Skip), overwrite the other record (Overwrite) or what to do each time (Ask me) in duplicate records (i.e., if there is more than one record of a person).

  4. The field corresponding to the headings arranged in the Excel file is selected (For example, Excel Title: mail, Corresponding field: E-mail should be selected).

  5. Before uploading, pay attention to the warnings in the blue box.

Note: Dues debts will not be transferred to the system without specifying the Debt Amount field.

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