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Adding Bulk Payment (Collection)

How do I add membership dues to members in bulk?

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To add dues to more than one person & institution, go to People > Users & Companies from the menu on the left. Filter the people you want to add a payment to, click the Debt / Payment Operations button and select Collect Debt.

On the screen that will appear, you will see how many people will be added debt. If the target user / company number is 0, an error will be given.

You can enter the settings of the payment to be added in the Collection Information section.

You can specify the amount of payment to be added to individuals in the Payment Amount section. As the amount of payment you can determine as below;

  • Total debt

  • Dues debt

  • Custom amount

If you want to send information about the balance status of the user after the collection, you can turn on the Send E-mail switch.

If you choose Card as the Payment Method, the relevant amount will be charged from the registered credit card of the members. If you choose Other, the payment will be added as your chosen form of payment.

You can start the process by clicking Save. The process will be queued and you will be notified by the system when it is finished. You can follow the situation from the Tasks menu at the top.

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