Open Membership Due Payments

What is open due payment? In what situations do it occur? What should we do if it occurs?

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What is open membership dues payment?

If a member of your membership due payment page has made a dues payment and your member has not matched in the system, you are expected to associate these people yourself. You can easily access these payment records from the Notifications section above. If your open dues payment notifications are open, you will be notified by e-mail and push by the system when there is an open due payment.

When making a payment from the open membership due page, the ID Number entered by your members on the membership due page is checked for matching. If there is no matching ID Number, the relevant payment is recorded as an open due payment.

In what situations do it occur?

Membership fees can be paid online in 2 ways.

  • From Your Open Membership Due Page

  • From the Member Screen (Requires login to the system)

From Your Open Membership Due Page

If the payment is made from the open membership dues page, the ID number is also obtained from the person. If the ID number entered by the person matches the ID number of any member in the system, it is automatically reflected in the person's profile. If it doesn't match, it goes down to the Open Dues Payments section for you to match.

In Fonzip, member number, e-mail, telephone and ID number are checked to prevent duplicate registration, but the membership payment in question only provides the ID number for the open membership due page.

From the Member Screen (Requires login to the system)

Payments made from this section do not fall into open dues in any way, as members are logged in.

What should I do when an open due payment occurs?

You will be informed in 2 ways by the system when an open due payment occurs.

  • If your notifications are open, by e-mail and push notification sent to your browser

  • When you log in to the system, from the Notifications section you see above

When you click on the Open Due Payments notification, you will be directed to a list of all Open Due Payments. You can click Assign to User on the right.

Membership Dues > Payments & Debtors > Payments section in the menu on the left as Needs to be assigned to a user. You can click Assign to User from the Operations button to match the relevant payment.

On the screen that appears, you can see the information that appears while making the payment. In the member search section, search for the person you want to match and click on the name that appears.

  • If there is a contact, select the person and click Assign To User

  • If the user is not in your system, click Create User. A new contact profile will be created with this information.

  • If the payment was made in error, you can make refund it by clicking Make Refund.

Paired with the wrong person? Would the payment actually be made as a donation? What should I do?

Go to the Editing Payment section and now you can make the changes you want from the Assing to Another User or Update as Donation section at the bottom.

Warning! Dues payments converted into donations cannot be converted into due payments again.

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