Debt Editing

How do I edit a debt I've added?

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How Do I Find The Debt Record To Be Arranged?

After entering the User / Company profile, you can find the debt record you want to edit in the Membership Dues section and go to the debt editing page by clicking Operations> Edit.

Alternatively, you can access all persons who have made a debt balance in the Membership Dues > Payments & Debtors > Debtors section from the left menu. If you press the Show History button on the right side of the relevant person, you will see the current account movements of the person.

You can be directed to the editing page by clicking the Edit button next to the debit record you want to edit in current account transactions.

Editing Debt Record

You can complete your debt editing by clicking the Save button below after clicking on the data you want to change on the screen that appears.

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