Deleting Bulk Debt

How do I delete debts that I have added to members in bulk?

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To delete debts of more than one person & company in Fonzip, go to People > User & Company section from the menu on the left. Filter the people you want and click the Debt / Payment Operations button, then select Delete Debt.

On the screen that will appear, you will see how many people's debts can be deleted. If the target user / company number is 0, an error will be given.

In the Search Criteria section, you can enter the debt information you want to be deleted.

As indicated in the warning on the page, only directly matching debts are deleted. If you enter more than one criterion, all criteria will be viewed together.

Enter the properties of the debt you want to be deleted and click Continue.

If no entries matching the criteria you selected are found, you will receive a warning. If there is a matching record, you can see these records on the screen that appears for your review.

If the records are suitable for you, you can click the Delete Debts button below.

You will be shown a warning message one last time. If you approve, your debt deletion will be queued and you will be notified by the system when it is finished. You can follow the situation from the Tasks menu at the top.

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