Dues Payments

This article explains the methods that members can use to pay dues and do debt inquiries and how to create reports of these operations.

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You can select the payment system to be used for dues payments from the Membership Dues / Settings tab on the left menu of your Fonzip panel. In addition, you must make the settings of your dues payment page from this menu.

In this way, your page is automatically created where your members can make direct payments or make payments after debt inquiry. For example: https://fonzip.com/gsd/aidat

In addition, members can make payments by logging in on the Fonzip page of your institution and reviewing their debt / payment and balance information.

Since dues payments are tracked in the form of current account movements, dues debts will need to be added to the system before dues payments are received. For this, you can take a look at our article on Transfer Debts from Excel.

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