How Does Dues Work?

How can I add dues in Fonzip? How can I add payments? How are debts made? What is balance fixing?

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What is Dues?

Fonzip offers a very wide and easy system for your membership fees. A fee is simply a payment made in return for a debt you add to a member. In Fonzip, you can add debts to your members, add their payments or collect online.

How is Dues tracked?

In Fonzip, the dues movements of each of your members are kept as a current account movement. In this way, you can see what transaction was made and what the member's balance was.

How can I add a debt?

You can add debt in Fonzip in 4 ways.

  • Can add bulk debt from the list of Users & Companies

  • You can add individual debt from the User & Company profile

  • From Excel file

  • Using API (Pro Membership)

How can I add a payment?

You can add dues in Fonzip in 5 ways.

  • You can add bulk payment from the list of Users & Companies

  • Can add debt payments when adding bulk debts from the Users & Companies list

  • You can add individual payments from User & Company profile

  • From Excel file

  • Using API (Pro Membership)

Apart from these 5 methods, your members can make their subscriptions/dues payments online either from your open due page or by logging in from the member login.

What is debt reset?

You can use debt reset if you want to delete the debt you have added to your members, but keep this debt in the records. The debts that have been reset are recorded, but have no effect on the balance.

You can reset dues debts in 2 ways.

  • Can reset bulk debt from the list of Users & Companies

  • You can find and reset the related debt from the Subscriptions/dues breakdown in the User & Company profile.

To reactivate a debt you have reset, you can find and activate the related debt record from the dues breakdown in the user & company profile.

What is balance fixing?

If you want to start your members' balances from a certain balance at a certain point, you can use balance fixation. The current account balances of the members start from the situation determined in the fixing from the relevant balance fixing record.

You can fix the balance in 3 ways.

  • Can fix collective balance from the list of Users & Companies

  • You can fix balance from User & Company profile

  • By specifying the balance field while uploading the User & Company Excel file

Some debts in the current account movements of the members appear red, some white?

Payables that are not settled by paying debt records that appear in red. Debt records that appear in white represent paid and closed debts.

What is open dues payment?

If one of your members has made a subscription/dues payment from your open subscription page and your paying member has not matched in the system, you are expected to associate these people yourself. You can easily access these payment records from the Notifications section above. If your open dues payment notifications are open, you will be notified by e-mail and push by the system when there is an open subscription payment.

When making a payment on the open subscription page, the ID number entered by your members on the subscription page is checked for matching. If there is no matching ID Number, the relevant payment is recorded as an open fee payment.

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