Fundraising Campaigns

This article explains how to be used the fundraising campaigns by your supporters on behalf of your non-governmental organization.

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Fundraising Campaigns are the most effective method used in personal donations that can be donated to your institution from their own circles with the messages of your supporters.

If you want to use this feature in your institution, you can activate from the Donations / Fundraising Campaigns / Settings tabs.

You can also make other settings from this page. After that, your fundraising campaign creation page will be published. It is important that you redirect to this page via a button such as Start Campaign from your website.

All campaigns created from the fundraising campaigns page are approved by the NGO. After the control of the NGO system admin;

  • Payment system

  • Thank You Email / SMS

  • Donation category

  • Donation form questions

will be chosen for the campaign. After the basic settings are made and approved, the page can ready to be published and collect donations for your institution.

The person who started the fundraising campaign can choose whether the donor list will appear on the page. Likewise, donors can hide their donation amount or name when donating.

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