Donation Reports (General)

Viewing one-time and recurring donation transactions

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Menu / Donations / Donations

Using the Statistics tab, you can filter and view the online donations made by your supporters and the general statistics of donations received through other channels such as Money Order / EFT, where you can add manual records of your preference. (Total amount, number of donations etc.)

Using the Donations tab, you can view the details of all donations made on the basis of transaction, export them in Excel format and, if necessary, return donations from this tab.

You can view and export regular donors using the Monthly Donations tab. Using this tab, you can view when the donor was a monthly donor, the next donation date, and a list of past donations. Likewise, you can change the amount of monthly donation or make cancellations and refunds on this tab.

From the Monthly Donation Reports tab, you can view the (monthly) new registration, successful transaction, unsuccessful transaction or donations that have not yet arrived for the selected period.

You can view the past return transactions of the specified date range and donation items from the Returns tab.

Using the Monthly Donation Cancellations tab, you can view the monthly donation cancellations for the specified date range and donation items and the reasons for these cancellations specified by donors.

Using the Failed tab, you do not need to ask the bank or Fonzip support why a donor donation has not been made. Fonzip also reports to you why unfulfilled donations are not made (error messages specified by the Bank).

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