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How do I get donations from abroad? Why are donations from abroad failing?

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Can I get donations from abroad?

Yes, you can normally receive payments from abroad.

Fonzip has no restrictions on donations made from abroad or with foreign cards.

Donations cannot be made from abroad. What could be the problem?

Since all transactions in Fonzip are carried out with the 3D Secure security application to protect the institutions we work with, it will not be possible to receive payments from foreign cards that do not comply with 3D Secure standards. However, the number of banks that do not comply with this security standard is gradually decreasing today.

You can contact your payment system. Regardless of whether it is a bank virtual POS or a licensed payment company POS, you can contact the institution that provides your virtual POS to make sure your payment system is open to international transactions.

Your donor's card may be closed to transactions abroad. In this case, your donor will need to contact their bank.

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