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Monthly Donations, Reports and Arrangements
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What is Monthly Donation?

If the donor chooses the monthly donation option during online donation, a certain amount is collected from the card regularly as a donation every month.

How to Cancel Monthly Donation?

Cancellation is done only by the NGO administrator. In addition, donation cancellation request can be sent by the donor himself. This can be done by logging into the Fonzip account of the NGO or the link in the e-mail sent during the first regular donation process.

Each donor can log into the NGO's Fonzip account as a member / donor by using the password-free login option with the e-mail address they use when donating.

Cancelled donations are reported separately.

Arrangement of Monthly Donation Instructions:

Monthly donations can be made using the transactions buttons next to the records;

  • Past transactions can be listed

  • The amount of transactions and the next transaction date can be changed

  • Card information can be updated by the NGO manager or the donor himself

  • and can be cancelled.

Monthly Donation Reports:

New monthly donation records, unsuccessful transaction attempts, monthly donation instructions for which the transaction date has not yet come can be viewed from this section.

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