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Unsuccessful Payment Transactions
Unsuccessful Payment Transactions
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Although online card payments have made donations and dues collections incredibly fast, easy and secure, it is always possible to have errors that may result from the person's card settings and the virtual POS settings of the non-governmental organization.

As Fonzip, our goal is to minimize the rate of these unsuccessful transactions. In this article, we would like to summarize the main error reasons and what has been done and should be done in these cases.

Card Limit Insufficient

It is the most common cause of faulty operation. One-time payments can already repeat the payment with a different card or at a different time, as the person making the payment will see this error message on the screen. In this case, there is nothing the NGO can do.

If this error is encountered with monthly regular payments, Fonzip automatically retries this process the next day. The system continues to try every day until the limit for payment is found. In this case, the next transaction date is updated again, 1 month after the successful transaction date.

Lost / Stolen Card Warning

This error message is the transaction returned from the bank as a result of the card transaction attempt. In rare cases, the bank may give false alarms. The cardholder may also have suspected a different transaction and temporarily disabled his card.

In one-time transactions, this error message is shown to the person making the transaction and recorded in the failed transactions tab in the NGO console.

If this error is encountered with monthly regular donation payments, the donor is automatically sent a warning about this situation and an e-mail that can also update the card information. This situation is shown in the notifications of NGO managers. In addition to these, the donation process is retried after 1 month in case the card can be opened for later payments.

3D Secure Related Errors

  • 3D Secure Password Incorrect / Wrong

  • 3D Validation Failed / Could Not Complete

These and similar error messages indicate that the SMS confirming that the card was used within the knowledge of the cardholder were not entered into the system or entered incorrectly by the card bank of the person.

People may have entered this password incorrectly. Afterwards, they can successfully complete the payment by entering it correctly. In some cases, NGOs can be used in NGO systems to test whether cards stolen for malicious purposes are open to online and unsecured transactions. (Firstly €1,000, then €500, €250, €100 TL, such as large to small, successive 3D secure errors may address such scenarios.)

Invalid Expiration Date

It is not possible to complete the donation process, since the expiry date of the card is immediately detected in one-time payments. However, in monthly payment orders, the card may have expired after a while, in such cases, the card holder is sent every 7 days to request an update of the card information.

Situations Arising From Card and POS Settings

The cardholder is not authorized to perform this transaction and in similar error messages;

  • The person's card may be closed to online transactions.

  • The person's card may be mail-order (MoTo) transactions.

* In the above two cases, the cardholder must open the card for these transactions.

  • NGO's virtual POS may be closed to mail-order (MoTo) transactions.

Other Errors

General error code errors that are not approved by the card or virtual POS bank but cannot provide a clear reason in the error message may have originated from the bank systems momentarily.

Apart from these, the errors that do not fall into the unsuccessful transactions tab of Fonzip may indicate situations that cannot be transmitted to the bank, mainly because the person's computer or browser does not support the security standards.

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