Creating a Donation Page

Customize your secure donation page for your institution

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By clicking the Donations / Donation Pages tab on the left menu, you can prepare your donation page, which you can customize for your institution, within two minutes.

If you have connected a payment system to Fonzip, you can start receiving a one-time donation or a monthly donation.

Please note that the next page will come with sample content. It is vital that you organize the Caption, Page Image and Thank-You Letter content on your donation page in accordance with your organization.

Things To Pay Attention

Donation Page Image: The image to be uploaded to this area should be at least 700 pixels wide and 400 pixels high.

Thank-You Letter: You must create the text of the thank-you e-mails that will be sent from your institution's e-mail address to everyone who donates from your donation page. Your corporate logo is automatically added to the top of the thank you letters, and the e-mail is sent to the individual, with the name of Mr. Donator_Name Donator_Surname.

Thank-You E-Card: They are digitally issued e-cards sent automatically on behalf of donors. You can create e-cards that will be automatically sent to donors from the E-Cards section of the E-Cards menu.

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