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Communication Permissions

This article provides information about the communication permissions of all real and legal persons registered in your Fonzip account.

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All persons registered in Fonzip can determine which channels the organization using Fonzip can or cannot communicate with. In short, he can edit his own communication settings.

Getting Permissions

There are communication permission options in all transactions such as donation - dues payment, registration forms, event ticket transactions, which registers new real or legal persons to Fonzip and will update the existing person's profile.

Editing / Updating Permissions

For this, user can open a dialog page that will edit the communication settings by clicking the link below an e-mail sent to them.

or by logging into their personal profile, they can update their communication preferences at any time.

Querying of communication permissions

Communication permissions can be queried from the filters in the contact list.

Permission-Free Status and Messages

  • Messages informing that a payment (donation, dues, etc.) has been made or not. (Called thank you letters in Fonzip)

  • The result of the transaction and the delivery of the requested content after the digital certificate and event ticket acquisition

  • Unpaid debt / dues reminders

  • Notifications regarding the use of the system such as login, password reminder or authentication (OTP etc.)

Generally; In accordance with the law, the obligation to obtain prior approval is not required for messages containing notifications regarding subscription, membership, collection, debt reminder, information update, purchase and delivery or similar situations, and the obligation to provide information to the Service Provider imposed by the relevant legislation.

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