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Sub-Service Providers List
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Security, Privacy and Compliance Information for Fonzip:

Fonzip is a data processor and employs certain prospective sub-service providers that can process personal data sent by the data controller to Fonzip services. These sub-service providers are listed below, along with a description of the service and the location where the data is hosted. This list may be updated by Fonzip from time to time.

Data hosting and storage:

Radore Data Center Services Inc. (Turkey)

Message deliverability:

İnbox Internet Services LTD. STI. (Turkey)

The sub-service providers listed below can be used optionally at the request of the Fonzip customer institution (data controller). Data transfer is not made to these sub-service providers without the request of the data controller and Fonzip customer institution.

Receiving card payment:

iyzico - Iyzi Payment and Electronic Money Services Inc. (Turkey)

PayTR Payment Services Inc. (Turkey)

iPara - Aypara Payment Institution A.Ş. (Turkey)

Nestpay Payment Services Inc. (Turkey)

Banks licensed by the BRSA (Turkey)

Message deliverability (E-Mail)

Euromessage (Related Digital) (Turkey)

SmartMessage - ODC Business Solutions Consulting Trade Inc. (Turkey)

Mailchimp (USA)

Sendinblue (France)

Message deliverability (SMS)

Turkcell Message Base - Turkcell (Turkey)

Netgsm Communication and Information Technologies Inc. (Turkey) SmartMessage - ODC İş Çözümleri Danışmanlık Ticaret A.Ş. (Turkey)

Foniva Telecommunication Services Inc. (Turkey)Mobilpark/MA Communication and Informatics Service. Singing. ve Tic. Inc. (Turkey)

For managers of B2B customer accounts using Fonzip services for which Fonzip Yazılım A.Ş. is the data controller:

Billing and accounting:

Paraşüt Software Technologies Inc. (Turkey)

Message deliverability (Push)

OneSignal (USA)

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