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Contract Approvals & Records

This article provides information about the approval of the contracts you have uploaded to Fonzip and the retention of records.

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Note: If you haven't added a contract to Fonzip yet, you can take a look at our Contract Upload & Management article.

Contracts added to Fonzip are automatically displayed on all screens where personal data is recorded (such as donation, dues, event pages) and the person cannot continue the transactions without confirming the added contract/s.

Communication permissions are a different matter independent of contracts. You can take a look at our Communication Permissions article on this subject.

For people who are added to the system collectively or manually by the managers of non-governmental organizations, these contract approvals appear when they first log into the system. (The most current contract is displayed.)

NGO administrators can see which agreements were approved by which date and using which IP address by clicking the Agreement Approvals: Show in the Privacy & Settings tab in the profiles of the individuals.

Persons registered in Fonzip accounts of NGOs such as members, donors or volunteers can access the Fonzip portals of the NGOs and view which contract they approved on which date and the contract content, even if it is an outdated contract, from the Privacy & Settings tabs. Filtering of persons according to contract approvals: Person / Using the filters in the list of institutions, it can be found that which version of the contract has been approved or not approved by which persons. Different queries can be created using logical and/or logical functions.

For example: Bring those who approved version 2 of the Data Processing agreement after 01.01.2021.

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