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CMS Integration: Automatic synchronization of Communication Permissions with CMS
CMS Integration: Automatic synchronization of Communication Permissions with CMS

This article explains the steps to follow on how to automatically synchronize communication permissions with the IYS system.

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This feature is only available in PRO membership packages.

1- As a non-governmental organization, you must create a registration on behalf of your institution and then the Brand representing your institution by using the CORPORATE LOGIN option from (At this stage, IYS has a control/approval mechanism)

Note: Information on how to register institutions that do not have a MERSIS number can be found on this page:

It is enough to send the information under the heading of activity certificate, circular of signature, identity card photocopy of authorized signatories, undertaking and necessary information via e-mail. Only the undertaking is shipped, the others are sent via e-mail. Of course, scanning the undertaking and attaching it to the e-mail speeds up the process.

2- According to the number of communication permissions, you must choose your ILETS package with an Integration Module, either paid or free, from the IYS. Warning: Partner selection is not possible when the Basic Services package is selected.

3- When the Brand created by your institution is approved, you need to select Fonzip Yazılım Anonim Şirketi by clicking Add Business Partner from the Brand Management section. All read and write permissions and (where possible Consensus Management) permissions must be granted.

4- In the next step, you need to log in to Fonzip panel again, enter the IYS tab on the Settings page in the E-mail & SMS menu and enter your IYS number in this field and say save.

You can see your IYS number at the top left in your IYS account.

and your integration is complete..

Your contact permissions will be automatically synchronized with the İYS - Message Management System every night.

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