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If you are a non-governmental organization with members, you can immediately use the digital membership cards Fonzip automatically creates for your members.

The system automatically creates a digital membership card for each person who has a Member Number in Fonzip. The validity of the card can be questioned by scanning the QR code on the card with any mobile phone camera.

You can also customize the design of the card.

For example: You can create a rule that the person must not owe dues or have a certain label for the digital membership card to be valid.

Acquisition of Membership Cards & Sending to Members

Your association members can view their digital membership cards and save them on their phones by entering their personal profiles on your institution's Fonzip page. In addition, as an association, you can send digital membership cards to your members in one go.

Example Usage Scenarios:

  • Membership control at the door at the entrance to NGO centers and locales

  • Eligibility check for use of certain services and facilities

Membership control of people who want to benefit from the brand's discount in brand cooperation agreements that will offer discounts to your members

Your members can view their digital membership cards by entering their personal profiles and save them in Apple Wallet or Google Pay wallet applications.

Membership Card Verification

In verification with QR scanning:

- Cardholder information (Masked)

- Photo of the person in the NGO database

- Member Number - Validity of the card (according to the criteria determined by the NGO)

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