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This article describes which personal data will be kept, the format of these datas, and how to determine the viewing and editing settings.

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Fonzip is flexible enough to meet different data set needs of each institution. For example, while an NGO wants to keep the blood group information of the people, the other NGO may not need this information and instead want to keep the Zodiac information of the people and then manage their contacts based on this data.

From the Contacts menu, you can view the contact card that people will have, create new information fields, sort them, and group these information fields according to specific headings.

Adding New User Defined Field:

For example, you are a high school graduate association, in this case the high school graduation year is an important personal data. You can create this area that does not come ready in Fonzip in 1 minute.

Which Fields Should I Not Create!

  • Fields for financial data such as debt / balance held dynamically by Fonzip should not be created. Fonzip will calculate this data automatically.

  • Copies of the ready-made fields such as Name-Surname, Date of Birth, ID Number, e-mail with the lock symbol at the beginning should not be created.

Adding a New Section

You can divide certain personal data into categories by making a logical grouping.

You can create categories such as Communication, Education & Occupation, or Health.

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