Editing / Deleting Tags

How do I edit the tags I've created? How do I delete it?

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You can edit and delete the tags you created in Fonzip in 2 ways.

  • Tags Section

  • With Fonzip API (Pro)

Editing / Deleting from Tags Section

Go to Users & Companies > Tags from the menu on the left. Click the Edit button on the right of the tag you want to edit or delete.

For editing and deleting, the screen will arrange itself as follows.

If you want to change the name, click on the tag name in the tag name section and click the Save button on the right after making the change.

If you want to combine it with another tag, type the name of the other tag and press Save. Automatically, the two tags will be merged into one tag, and all related operations will be assigned to one tag.

If you want to delete, click the Delete button on the right.

Important! If the tag is linked to an automated emailing, form, ticket, home page setting or address book, you will be prompted to change these settings.

If you want to cancel the process, you can press the Cancel button.

Edit / Delete Tags with API (Pro)

You can use updateTag to edit tags using the Fonzip API and deleteTag to delete tags. For detailed information:

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