What is a tag? How is it added?

What is a tag, how is it added, how is it used?

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What is a tag?

If you want to group your users and companies into certain segments, Tags is the solution you are looking for. In Fonzip, you can assign a tag of your choice to the people you want and then use these tags to reach these people easily.

Adding a Tag

You can add tags in Fonzip in 4 ways.

Adding from Tag List

Go to People > Tags from the menu on the left and select Add Tag. Then enter the tag name and press Add.

Adding from Contact List

In the menu on the left, go to People > Users & Companies. Select Add / Remove Tags from Operations.

Then enter the tag name in apply new tag section below and press Apply.

Adding Tags from Excel

If you are importing user & company data from Excel, you can set a column in your Excel file as Tag and write the tag you want to assign to the relevant lines.

After you've selected your Excel file, don't forget to select Tags as a response. If there is a matching tag in the system, the person is tagged on that tag. If the tag is not in the system, a new tag is created automatically. If you want to assign more than one tag, separate the tags with a comma (,).

Adding Tags with API (Pro)

You can create tags using the CreateTag operation in the Fonzip API.

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