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Filters are one of the most striking features of the Users & Companies section. You can access many data in the system by using filters.

Which Filters Are Available?


  • Name Surname / Corporate Name

  • Birth date

  • Birthday

  • Tags

  • Record Type

  • Profile photo

  • TR ID / Tax ID

  • Nationality

  • Age


  • Address

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Permission to Communicate by E-Mail

  • Permission to Communicate by SMS

  • Telephone Communication Permit

  • City

  • District

  • Country

  • Related Company

  • Work address

  • Work city

  • Work district

  • Work Postal Code

  • Work Country

  • Post code


  • Donated to Category

  • Donated to Donation Page

  • Donated to Fundraising Campaign

  • Donation Count

  • Donation Currency

  • Donation Date

  • Donation Sum

  • Donor

  • First Donation Date

  • First Monthly Donation Date

  • In-Kind Donor

  • Monthly Donation Amount

  • Monthly Donation Amount Change

  • Monthly Donation Amount Change Date

  • Monthly Donation Start Date

  • Monthly Donation Status

  • Total Donation Amount

  • Total Monthly Donation Amount

  • Total Monthly Donation Count

  • Total Monthly Donation Withdrawal Amount

  • Total Monthly Donation Withdrawal Count

Fundraising Campaigns

  • Campaign Special Date

  • Campaign Status

  • Campaign Target

  • Campaign Donation Category

  • Campaigns Fundraising Event

  • Fundraising Campaign Finish Date

  • Fundraising Campaign Start Date

  • Number of Donations at Fundraising Campaign

  • Number of Fundraising Campaigns

  • Raised Donation Amount at Fundraising Campaign

  • Total Donation Amount at Fundraising Campaigns

  • Total Number of Donations at Fundraising Campaigns


  • Apply Date

  • Available in Address Book

  • Create Date

  • Debt Reminder Period

  • Debt Reminder via E-Mail

  • Debt Reminder via SMS

  • Has Debt Record For Period

  • Has Paid Debt Period

  • Has Unpaid Debt For Period

  • Join Date

  • Last Login Date

  • Last Update Date

  • Membership Number

  • Next Debt Reminder Date

  • Recurring Debt

  • Registered Card

  • Subscription Payment Amount

  • Subscription Payment Date

  • System Admin

  • Total Debt

  • Total Due Debt


  • Filled Form

  • Form Fill Date


  • Attended Event

  • Event Attend Date

  • Number of Events Attended


  • Notes


  • Purchased E-Card

  • Purchased E-Card Type

  • E-Card Purchase Date

  • E-Card Transaction Currency

  • Number of E-Cards Bought

User Defined Fields

  • User Defined Fields You Have Created

Searching Using Filters

There are so many filters, but don't be afraid of which one to use. In fact, it is very easy to reach the data you are looking for.

Applying a Single Filter

You can query in any criteria you want by using only one filter. For example, let's filter people who donated after January 1, 2020. Select Add Filter, then choose Donation Date.

Note: If you want to quickly search the criteria, use the search box above.

Then select the After section below.

Click on the month above from the date picker, select January, then select 1.

You will see a filter like the one below has been added.

In the contact list, you will see people who donated after January 1, 2020.

Filtre Grubu Oluşturmak

People who donated after January 1, 2020 are good but not enough, if you say bring me people who donated in the General category, don't worry! We also have a solution to this situation.

Click the plus (+) sign to the right of the Donation Date Filter and create a filter group.

Select the Donated to Category filter.

Select the General category and click Search.

Fantastic! You have now reached people who have donated to the General category after January 1, 2020.

Combining Filter Groups / Specifying a Filtering Condition

Okay, but if you say you want to reach all monthly donors as well, we have a solution for that too :) And you'll see that it's actually very easy.

Click on Add Filter and select the Monthly Donation Status filter.

Select Monthly Donation Status Equals = Active and press Search.

Now we list regular donors who have donated to the General category after January 1, 2020. Okay, but what we wanted to reach out to all monthly donors. To do this, click on the text on the left of the filter and then select or.

Spectacular! We have now listed all the people and monthly donors who have donated to the General category after January 1, 2020. Now we can perform the action you want from the operations menu to these people (It would be nice to send a general thank you email, of course you are the boss =)).

Saving a Filter, Using Saved Filter

After applying multiple filters it can be annoying to apply the same filter each time. You can use the Save Filter feature for this.

Click the actions button next to the Add Filter button. Then select Save Segment. Enter the search name on the screen that appears and save it. Your filter is now registered for quick access.

After that, to apply the filter, click the actions button next to the Add Filter button and select the name of your filter.

If you want to delete the saved filter, click the trash can next to the saved filter.

Removing Filters

If you want to remove a single filter, click on the filter you want to remove and click the Delete button at the bottom.

If you have applied many filters and want to make a new search, you do not need to remove filters one by one. Click the actions button next to the Add Filter button and select Remove Filters.

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