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What Can I Do in the Users & Companies List Section?
What Can I Do in the Users & Companies List Section?

What can I do in the Users & Companies section? Filtering, sorting, E-mail & SMS sending, Debt & Collection Transactions, Data Transfer etc.

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In Fonzip, all your data is singularized over individuals and you can access and manage these data from the Users & Companies section. Here is what you can do in this section;

Listing User & Company Data

Searching with Filtering

If you want to reach a segment that you search in detail in your users and companies, you can click the Add Filter button to filter the criteria you want and reach the results.

For example, if you want to search people whose name or surname is Emre;

Select Add Filter. Then select Name Surname / Corporate Name.

Then type Emre in Equals criterion and press Search.

You will come across people whose name is Emre. If you want, you can click on the person to enter the person's profile.

Determining the Fields Displayed

You can determine the fields you want to see in the Users and Company list by clicking the Display Fields text on the right.

You can check the data you want to show, and you can put a cross on the data you want to be removed from display. In addition to the default fields, you can list the information fields you have created yourself.

Sorting Headlines

To sort in the Users and Companies list, click on the title you want to sort. Next to the current ranking field, you can see icons such as A-Z, 1-9 indicating the order.

If you want the field you selected for sorting to reverse sort (sort Z-A instead of A-Z), click on the same field again. You will notice that the direction of the arrow in the sequencing area has changed.

Setting the Number of Records on the Page & Page Transitions

You can set how many records to show on a page in the left box at the bottom of the page. You can show records as 10, 25 and 50 records.

If there are more users & companies than the records on the page in your search criteria, you can switch between the pages by clicking the Previous / Page Numbers / Next buttons on the right.

Operations That Can Be Made To Users & Companies

Target User & Company Choices

You can select the people you want to batch process by clicking the options on the Filter button.

If you choose Everyone, all records matching the search criteria will be processed.

If you select Records in this Page, the records on the page are selected. These records remain selected even if you go to the next page or add or remove a new criterion.

If you select None, all your selection will be removed and the action will be taken as if everyone else was selected.

You can click the boxes at the beginning of the contacts to select the contacts one by one.

The total number of people to be processed is specified in the bottom section of the list.

General Operations

  • Batch Add / Remove Tags

  • Downloading Your Data (can be downloaded in Excel)

  • Bulk Data Update

  • Contact Merge

  • Adding a Calendar Note

  • Batch Deleting Users & Companies

Post Operations

  • Send E-Mail

  • Sending SMS

  • Debt Reminder

  • Sending Information Update Request

  • Adding / Removing Mailing Lists

  • Sending Event Invitation

Debt / Payment Operations

  • Obtaining Debt / Collection Summary

  • Adding Bulk Debt

  • Bulk Debt Deletion

  • Bulk Debt Reset

  • Adding Debt Collection

  • Deleting Payments

  • Balance Fixing

  • Setting up a Debt Reminder

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