Transferring Person & Company from Excel
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Fonzip allows data stored in Excel files to be transferred in bulk. What you need to do is;

  1. Clicking the Import from Excel button at the right in the Users & Companies menu

  2. It is vital that the Excel file to be uploaded is in a clean format. Format errors in your Excel file will cause problems in data transfer. The warnings in the Excel download area must be strictly observed.

  3. The file is uploaded by determining whether the record in duplicate records (that is, if there is more than one record belonging to a person) will be skipped, overwrite the other record, or you will be asked what to do each time.

  4. The fields that the columns in the Excel file will correspond to in Fonzip must be selected. You can select the fields that will be opposite the columns in your Excel file from the list, and for the fields that are not in the list, you can create the relevant fields yourself by entering the Users & Companies Management / User Defined Fields menu.

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