Duplicate Entries, Contact Merge

How can duplicate entries be prevented, in what case are they created, how are they deduplicated?

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A person can interact with your institution with different information, sometimes unintentionally. For example, when a person is registered as a member with the address [email protected] and makes a donation with the other e-mail address [email protected] or uses the second name when making a donation, creating a second or third record for the same person is an important factor for the data integrity of NGOs.

In order to overcome such scenarios, Fonzip compares the information entered by the person in the system, respectively, when adding any person (manually or in bulk to the excel file) to the system, in every transaction such as dues payment, event ticket purchase or registration form filling;

  1. Member No

  2. ID number

  3. Telephone

  4. E-mail address

  5. Second E-mail address

If there is a match, the contact will update, if there is no match, it will create a new contact. In this way, it is prevented that the same person has more than one record in the system.

So what to do for a new record created for the same person because it is not caught by automatic deduplication filters?

If a person is registered in your database with the address [email protected] and buys a ticket with a second e-mail address [email protected], a new profile will be created for that person. In this case, you can select the relevant person from the Users & Companies menu and use the Merge button under the Operations menu to search for the second record you want to merge by name or e-mail and merge the records.

For example, as a result of this merger, whether the person's e-mail address will be [email protected] or [email protected], and the data in other information fields will be determined by the admin.

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