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In Fonzip, User & Company records can be created in 2 ways.

1.Manually adding one by one or batch from Excel file

You can start transferring your contacts to Fonzip with the Add User & Company button in the Users &Companies menu.

  • Manually Adding Individual Person or Company:

The system will automatically check whether there is another person with the same values, according to the ID number, e-mail address, telephone or member number you entered when adding a contact. If there is, it will warn you, otherwise it will ask you to continue exactly.

  • Transferring Person & Company from Excel File

You can check out this article.

2. Automatic Addition of Users & Companies

A person or company can use a page or application connected to Fonzip;

  • Dues payment

  • Donation (ready-made donation pages, donation forms or 3rd party applications)

  • Buying a certificate

  • To fill a form

  • Participating in the event

Fonzip, for which you have performed such transactions, first checks whether there is a match in the existing records in the system for the person or organization that made this transaction. If there is no match, it creates a new person / institution record. If the person is registered in your Fonzip account before, they are automatically added to the transaction profile of the person. In this way, it is possible to follow all the past actions of a person about your institution by entering the person's profile.

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