What Can I Do With Users?

Filtering, Communicating with People, Reminder of dues debt, Adding a batch of debt, Sending an event invitation and others

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It is possible to manage all your contacts in the system from the People > Users & Companies section. Fonzip is designed for all your search and interaction with people from this section.


The number of people your association / foundation interacts with will increase day by day. New donor, new member, friend of a member who comes to your event, etc. Then the number of people you interact with may come to a point where it can get out of control. Fortunately, Fonzip comes into play for you here.

You can reach all the people in your system by using filters according to their information in the system and you can take the action you want to take.

For example; If you have an event for women in Istanbul, inviting these people to the event is a job that can be solved in just 1 minute. Type Istanbul using the City filter and list all the people living in Istanbul, then select Women using the Gender filter and select Send Event Invitation from the Operations section and select the event you created.

Or you want to direct your donors who have made more than one donation to you in the last 6 months but are not regular donors to become regular donors. Don't worry, it's very simple too. Select and add after 6 months before with the Donation Date filter, then select the Donations filter as greater than 1 and add. Finally, select the Monthly Donation Status filter as not and add it to the filter. Here are people who made more than one donation in 6 months and are not your regular donors. From here on, if you want to call people, you can call people one by one, or you can contact them by selecting Send E-mail or Send SMS from the Operations section.

Ranking & Displayed

By using the Display Fields button on the right, you can specify which fields are to be shown on the main screen.

By using the Sort button next to it, you can sort people by name, surname, member number, debt status, age, application date, joining date and last update date.

General Operations

Here you can find administrative actions that you can do to your contacts after applying certain filters or without applying them. These transactions;

  • Add & Remove Tag

  • Adding a Calendar Note

  • Delete

  • Contact Merge

  • Adding to Post List

  • Send an Event Invitation

  • Sending a Reminder

  • Send E-Mail

  • Send SMS

  • Export to Excel

Tagging: allows you to assign tags you specify to people

Adding Calendar Note: Allows you to add your note about people to the calendar as a reminder. For example, a person who cancelled a regular donation said "My economic situation is bad nowadays, I will continue later", you add a note to the system to call this person again and put a reminder 2-3 months later and "Continue to donate this person regularly. You can add a reminder by saying "call to make it happen." In this way, Fonzip will send you a reminder for the action you need to take about the person when the time comes.

Delete: It allows you to delete contacts collectively. Only the account administrator can do this.

Contact Merge: It allows you to combine 2 people of your choice (see Duplicate Entries, Contact Merge for details).

Adding to the Mailing List: If you have defined your bulk e-mail provider (Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Inbox etc.) in the E-Mail Settings section, this allows you to add the people in the system to your lists of your e-mail provider.

Sending Event Invitations: If you have created an event using the Events Section, it allows you to invite the people you filtered to this event.

Sending a Reminder: By using this field, you can send an information update e-mail or SMS to your members in the system to remind them of dues debt or to update the information of your contacts in the system.

Send E-Mail: It allows you to send plain e-mail text to people.

Sending SMS: It allows you to send SMS to people. In order to send SMS, you need to define the SMS you purchase to the system in the SMS settings section.

Export to Excel: It allows you to select the fields you want to export your contacts to excel and download them to excel. If you want to download more than 500 people, excel will be created and a download link will be sent to your e-mail address.

Membership Operations

You can find the collective membership transactions you want to do with the people in the system here. These transactions;

  • Assigning Person Type

  • Changing Contact Status

  • Assigning Dues

  • Adding Dues Debt

  • Making Fee Collection

Assigning Person Type: It allows you to add or remove the Contact Type you choose to the people collectively.

Change Contact Status: Allows collective assignment of the Contact Status you select to contacts.

Assigning Dues: Assigns the subscription type you choose to people. If people have a Member type and have a dues type, and this type of dues is automatically charged, these persons are automatically debited.

Adding Fee Debt: It allows you to add debt to people collectively. If you are not using automatic debiting, you can use this section to assign a bulk loan to individuals.

Payment Collection: It allows you to add collective dues to individuals. If you choose credit card as the payment method, this amount is automatically withdrawn from those who have a card registered in the system. If you do not choose the card, all persons will be added with the specified amount of payment.

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