Person & Institution Editing / Updating
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How Can I Edit the Person I Added?

Find the person you want to edit from the Users & Companies menu and click on it. You will be directed to the profile page where you can see the details of the person. You will see that the information of the person you choose in the person profile is divided into Personal, Communication, Education & Vocational, Fee, Donation and Other. You can make the necessary arrangements from this page.

In addition, you can see the dues and debt status of the person on the far right if you are a member of the association, if not, only the total donation amount, the tags assigned to the person and all the past movements of the person in the timeline.

Profile pictures of people with the system if they are logged in via Facebook or LinkedIn is updated photos from these social networks. The profile for yourself by clicking on the person is located outside the picture you can also upload a profile photo.

If you are going to make many arrangements sequentially, you can directly access the profile of the next person with the Previous and Next buttons above.

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